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Monday, November 7, 2011


Bucket Bag with 6 pockets inisde and out

left snap bag and right zipper bag

car organizer for adrain and ZANDER MAN

 Bags with loops to clip on cups etc... goes across the boys chests to tote the treasures!

HUMONGO tote bag


Snap Clutch

Snap bag


KAngaroo bag, with 2 roo pockets front and back and 6 inside pockets and long strap. Deep pockets see my Ruler and Rotery cutter peeking out?  I am adding aloop button closure and Tattered Flower Detail soon,

Monday, February 7, 2011

no more rain

no more rain so i can move.......yeah i can see and the ground is drying up yeh!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

my craftster swap

teas, snap bag, angela tote and hair band

pin cushion, thread holder, needle book, mini shroom pin cushion

1/3 yard give ahoot fabric collection 4 , 1 yard red red surfer fabric, fq misc fabric and braclet to create with.

too cute to pass up!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

give away on Leona's Blog

A chance to win a Fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop!

Leona's Blog! ends 1/30/11

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventures in dressmaking blog giveaway

Do you love fabric..i do.. i really love free fabric

check this out  is working with the fat quarter shop for a giveaway!

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snap bag

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walle multi tasker tote

walle multitasker tote

Angela Shoulder Tote from Sew4Home

angela shoulder bag

Cosmo Bag

cosmo bag 90% done

Sunday, January 16, 2011

list of project for my SS Challenge

Table of contents for "Style Stitches"

Level Project
EasyCosmo Bag
EasyReversible Everyday Shopper.....  may have to make several of these!
EasyOrigami Bag set
IntermediateBeautiful Balance Checkbook Cover
IntermediatePerfectly Pleated Clutch
IntermediateTeardrop Bag ..... I LIKE IT
IntermediateKey Keeper Coin Purse
AdvancedFringed Hobo Bag  ......... I dont like this bag!
AdvancedBlossom Handbag / shoulder bag .......   LOVE IT
ExperiencedEverything Wristlet
ExperiencedMiss Maven Ruffled Handbag
ExperiencedTake Flight Handbag / shoulder bag

Saturday, January 15, 2011

pink plaid skulls baby blanket.....why am i doing this?.....and she says i dont love her.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

cosmo bag progresss

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sewing shed update

fabric notions and books

fabric and dresser of patterns and boxes of fabric and patterns

designer board and new wire shelves

notions, fabric, spool holder rolls of fabric
coffee maker, tea, notions, singer athena fabric... and ther are still 10 plastic totes full and 4  totes of clothes to redo, 2 of sheets, and 2 of fleece

working working working

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sewing Green or ..When your broke and trying to sew

Green and Thrifty Resources:

Getting all you need to get started can be a bit pricey so here are some ideas for getting some thrifty start up supplies

Let me say again Yahoo Freecycle Groups! Sewing groups and Freecycle groups!

Yard Sales, Thrift stores, Dollar Stores and Shop the sales.  Craigslist, also folks

Look for old patterns in yard sales and thrift shops. Must thrift stores just throw them out and will give them to you for free.  Look online for free patterns and join sewing groups!!!!

I scored a $25 ruler at Hancock's 80% off in the sales rack! You name it and it was in there.

Recycle old clothes.. old t shirts, jeans, dresses, can be made into bags, quilts, pot holders, patches, new shirts, dresses and the list goes on. I have patterns and ideas for all this!

Sundays Best a fabric store locally, SCORE!! they had a sale on fabric and it was just 2 DOLLARS a yard BINGO!

Coupons you can join Hancock's, Joann's, and Sunday best, Sew much Fun and they all send out coupons, or Email you newsletters with sales and coupons so you can shop till you drop.

Save buttons, zippers, off stuff too damaged to use, belts can make straps for bags, Be creative and Inventive.

Sheets can be used for dresses and test fabric.......your muslin on the cheap.

Finger press use an old wooden

Stileto wooden BBQ skewer... big package 50 for 1.00 at the dollar store.

Cording for piping old phone wire, dollar store cording look in the tool section,  twine ...its almost like a scavenger hunt.

Thread clips, finger nail clippers, tweezers in kits, computer tools, computer vaccuums, lets not forget tooth brushes and old paint brushes to wipe and clean. Q-tips, fishing tweezers they are long and thin. Use only sewing machine oil to oil your machine.

Big huge heavy washers can be wrapped and used as pattern weights.

Medical paper is cheaper than pattern paper, butcher paper, wax paper,  tissue for presents , all this can be used to trace patterns.   News paper can stain fabric but a friend of mine use to use it.

Old blankets can be used for quilt stuffing.

Scraps from sewing can be used for stuffing, reuse pillow stuffing.

Reuse gift boxes for storage, pill bottles to hold old needles, Old tins to hold sewing supplies, old plastic coffee cans for storage and not to mention tackle boxes and tool boxes. Yeah you have to clean them first but how nice remake them into yours

A dresser can serve as a place to store patterns and fabric. Suit cases  can be used to store fabric neatly and dust free.

Need a stiff bottom for a bag? or board for your home made folios? Use old political signs, ad signs on the road that often get left behind they are plastic and stiff.. please dont go taking the good ones you can and will get in trouble for that. Dollar store foam board huge poster size is good and you can make alot from them, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes.

Old mike crates and be lined or used as they are for storage. An old file holder can be used to store rulers.  old file cabinets can be used for notions and patterns. Store patterns in old notebooks look for them in thriftshops or use your kids old ones. I love PDF files for patterns!!!!! easy to store and very small.

No matter how big or small your sewing space is we can help you find the room to sew!

i added this as a page to keep adding to it

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What i bought.

with discount from quilter club, 40% off coupon, and memeber discount
Flower pins 100 count 5.00
Awl 2.75
Stilletto ......Free using Grilling Bamboo Skewers  even better
Needle gripper used for threading ..5.99 LOVED THIS
Pipping Foot 10.00
Needle Nest 1.75

What i got mad about was books labled for sale but they said they were mislabled..... would not sale them to me.

10 yard of Black quilters cotton for my brothers costume no sale i already used one coupon ......

Did i mention i was pissed?

I was happy with my finds.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My books are in "radda radda radda".. let the sewing begin.

Thank you amazon!! hooyahhh

and i want to thank  for having her wonderful sale and letting me buy lots of pattern to sew sew sew!!!  Guess what everyone is getting for christmas next year!

and let not forget   for all her freebies this week!

my upcoming sewing buddy from   so sign up if you want one!

so much fun!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing Buddy .....Sign me up

Want a sewing buddy? Then sign up for an e-pal Sewing buddy and make it work!

I signed up for mine!