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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

half square triangle stencils


 Half Square Triangle Stencil.

I love to shop in fact my mother in law and my kid say I can open my own fabric store. I like to think I am part dragon therefore I must have a horde.

In to my horde came my birthday gift to my self some very so very nice fabric from Sunday best.  Also in my hands came the half square triangle stencils. In a challenge to this must have item I sat on my floor holding to my chest and growling when my kid came to close. I have found the perfect pattern.  It is a bag, to feed my bag fetish, because every woman needs a new bag for her birthday.

Why this challenge you say well those wickedly crafty girls at Sunday best dropped this idea in my ear and there is nothing like a challenge to make a Gemini go mad.

I was told I can up size without measuring any half square pattern by just changing the size of my stencil and if I sew carefully and follow the directions they will come out perfectly every time. I will look like a genius.

So with this thought in mind I will sew 4 exact bags in small, medium, large and dragon size. I will use the same pattern only upsizing my stencil.

Perfect half square triangles; my mother in law hates triangles…..we are working this challenge together! I hope to drop a note on how the challenge went and our review..  ooh yeah pictures!