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Friday, January 23, 2009

quilting/sewing resolutions not list....

Hello Everyone,

I have been suffering from the Flu this month and finally my cough sounds slightly better and I no longer sound like Mr. Ed. Everyone in my home has been suffering from strip throat to the flu since Christmas falling one by one like dominoes the the creeping cruds.

As I sat at home pouting because I planned a vacation around the last Gala meeting and also planned to go to Sunday Best Quilts and visit the new store to buy more fabric for my fabric stash then I could not go the cruds got me.

So sipping on Nyquil and Tea I came up with a list of things

I want to accomplish by each Gala monthly meeting; using that as my cutoffpoints. My MIL read my list and spewed her coffee and my daughterf ell over laughing. Don't even ask about the dogs.

So without further delay I will give you my quilting resolutions for 2009!

1.Pay Gala Dues…….Missed 2 meeting in a row …... pouting bad….

2.Finish the 2 lovely baby blankets for my brother and Niece. I got the kits from Joann's and they have been sitting in my shed ever since. Ok it's been cold and I have not been outside.

3. Start on my Sewing list or at least make headway...yes i plan on doing the projects in the list and these.

4. Scoodies cause its darn cold here.

5.A floor quilt. I heard of this so this will be my one big projectfor the year.

6.I received over the holidays a gift of 2 baby quilt tops from a friend. They are made from her clothes when her and her sisters were little. I want finish them up and bind them.

7.I received another orphan quilt top and quilt pieces. I want to finish it and recycle the rest.

8.I want to make a quilted tea cozy... 10 of them, quilted bowls and/or boxes and quilted tea wallets.

9.A jelly roll quilt top……just the top

10.An Asian inspired quilt to cover my table for Tea parties.

11.A Latin inspired table topper Quilt for my dining room with placemats, heat pads, casserole cover and pot holders.

12. 2 donation baby quilts…ok maybe just the tops………..

13. Learn one new quilting/sewing technique every month.

14. Use at least ¼ of my stash by the end of the year BEFORE making anymore MAJOR purchases or at least use ½ of what I buy within 3 months.

My MIL took my tea making sure I did not slip in any liquor in there and as I sat making my list. Did anyone else make any sewing/quilting resolutions this year??

Hope to see everyone in February. I have doubled up on myVitamin C and drinking Green Tea.

have fun;

D The Germ

The Dear MIL who Got sick because of D the germ and Of course my Daughter who is now the only one beside the dogs who is not sick.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

the power of temptation

Yes, i spent several dollars on more than several on Vogue patterns and some truely aweful fabric.

What patterns you ask????

and lets not forget this one

ohh yeah this one too

ohh my kid picked this one out..... tab=list/sportswear_br_suits_coats_jackets&page=all

ahhh but when will they get done????????