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Friday, February 6, 2009

sewing critics

I am learning to sew, which means i have many good intentions and just not enough actual experience. So with that being said I start off with the doggy jacket.

Now i am not saying i never made anything, I made several blankets, skirts, dresses, purses aprons, curtains, pajama pants etc.... My brother and husband hate everything i have made for them. The dress for a dance and graduation they were loved.

Now i get to the jacket for the fur babies. Max my min pin hates clothes. So getting my daughter to wrangle him up and hold while i measure was a trick beyond measure. I think we have won wars easier than that.

I begin to plot, and here at this point my lovely daughter the voice of treason begins.

ME: Ohh this will look so Good on Max.
EC: Mom Max hate sweaters.
Me: If he gets cold enough he will wear them.
Hubby: Lets make him booties!
EC: Mom ya know he did eat your Micky mouse hat.

With that being said i have put sweaters on my dog before he looked at me like i was killing him. Then he went outside and rolled in the mud in said sweater. I have not put one on him since. Now my EC said maybe it was the color..........

I have to wonder why do i sew?

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