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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ho ho ho....

ok Alabama, the woods , wet sloshy, cold, and wet ohh yeah i already said that.

oh so not much happened on christmas eve, i was still sewing a present short. Aunt Kris ohh this is nto going to end well i just know it and I went to bed in tears till christmas day.

Christmas day sisters house

C. " did you get everything"
Me" yeah"
C: " Well what did you get. ..her."
Me. "Something so unique nobody will ever have one like it"
C: "what? what? what is it! I thought you were going to get her candy again this year and soap"
M: "i did get her some candy and something else"
C: stomping her foot "what?????"
M: "dont do that it causes wrinkles" I stick my tongue out

As a spoon swings toward my head my Aunt comes in.

Nearing 70 retired military if she was still serving our troups would be home cause she would have scared our enemies into submission much like the cat slinking off into a corner. Darn  no place to hide.

ME: "Hi aunt Kris Merry Christmas."
Kris: I have been sitting outside for 30 minutes I could have died before anyone found me"
C: "we are sorry we did not hear u come up"

We always eat before presents..and family filed in now there is not enough seats at the dining room table so to the kids table i went and Aunt Kris watches football on the couch while she eats, we dont do that even try it though we are older, without her permission, we would never assume to eat on a couch in front of her.

So exiled at the kids table because i tripped over the 2 year old nephew I am sitting with my niece whispering like my aunt can hear us from 2 rooms away.

N: Did you all your shopping done?
Me: no i still have some stuff to sew for the Cuban Mafia and i finally came up with something for aunt Kris this morning"
N: choking on her mouthfull of food staring at me in horror as spoon launched mash potatos fly by
ME: Dont look at me like that.
N: but but
Me: "dont .....she will like it i know it"

Christmas paper everywhere, Kids hollering, my Aunt opens her gifts. I mean this is the person who has everything but likes nothing and whats nothing.

She opens the Cell phone case from C:, New cookbook from Brother, Socks, house slippers, t shirts, and assorted candy.
Then she gets to my gifts
she opens the gift card to winn dixie and the chocolate covers pretzels then the gift
she opens it slowly
my mother in law gasps and throws me a glare, fubar i am sooooo dead when i get home.

Aunt" Ohh this is lovely what is it?"
me: "Aunt Kris its a Table topper for Tea"
Aunt: "really its so nice it reminds of the time i was in europe"
me: "It matchees your Tea Set."
Aunt " Yes it does I love it"
I smile with glee as evil glares fling at me from across the room.

Now where did this lovely table topper came from? It was from aPrez challenge from my quilting guild which my Mother in law started but did not finished so i finished it off. Wrapped it up and gave it to Aunt Kris. I was staring around my house trying to come up with anything and i mean anything and then i spotted it, the colors work and nobody will ever think to give her anthing remotely like it. Done it was soo wrapped.

Now my mother in law loves me, she is my best friend and i am sure i still have a yard of the miller fabric somewhere she has been wanting. Now if i top that with cheese cake she bound to forgive me. Right? OMG I hope she gets over it I mean she scares me and she can turn my puppies against me. Cheese cake and some exotic flavor of coffee yeah bribery works.

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  1. ps just so you will know the cuban mafia is my family from miami.... and my mother in law use to work for the police department i mean i am at least a foot and 1/2 taller then her and out weigh her by lets just say ALOT so me be frighted og this little tiny fairy of a lady is funny.. but she my puppies love her they run away from home just to go to her house. I mean even the evil dog who loves no one but my hubby loves her.....