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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year Resolution

New Years Resolutions,

I am going to try this again. My New Years list.

1. Do my Bag Making Challenge with Style Stitches book to make 12 of the bags listed in the book and learn new techniques every month.

2. Make a dress a month.

3. Make my Christmas presents this year early by tackling one Family per month.

4. Organize my sewing shed

5. Use at least ¼ of my stash.

6. Get rid of stuff I don’t use in my sewing shed by hosting blog giveaways.

7. Finish my sisters Sewing List.

8. Finish a Quilt for my Brother.

9. Finish a Quilt for my dad.

10. Do my Quilt Guild Challenge and Monthly Squares and turn them in.

11. Try to Curse Less.

12. OOOhh yeah just for my Brother Rob the Rocking Rabbi Costume for Dragon.con or the Star Trek Uniform. Hey I can Dream.

Lets see how I do this year

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